Saffron Spice Kitchen

Saffron Spice Kitchen

At Saffron Spice Kitchen,its all about eating healthy without compromising the taste. We provide fast and flavorful menu items, such as wraps, salads, soups and kothu-roti. Saffron uses a range of differnet flavors from different cuisines to bring together flavors that is just not aqiuirable anywhere else in Toronto. We provide quick and exceptional service, while meeting the demands for a variety of hearty items that fit your healthy lifestyle. If not already, you will definetly change to keep up with our daily specials like lamb kothu roti. Our passion is food and our promise is simple. Come in and try, you will be back.

Our Favorite - Kothu Roti


Kothu roti originated in Batticaloa, in the Eastern part of Sri Lanka during the early 1970s by the local people. Etymologically the name is from the Tamil language meaning "chopped roti" (chopped wheat roti mixed with curry sauce).

The basic roti is made of Gothamba flour. The name itself is Tamil: Gothamba (a form of Kathamba-meaning a flour made out of a variety of grains-referring to the white flour, and roti). Slowly it has spread worldwide and has caught up and has become extremely popular.

Saffron Spice Kitchen has taken Kothu Roti to the next level by introducing it to the great people of Toronto. Chef Johnny has used his multiple years of experience in the art of cooking Sri-Lankan cuisine and has dished out a spectrum of kothu rotis' for you to enjoy. Try our main selections such as lamb, seafood and egg kothu roti.

Recommended Foods

  • Kothu Roti

    Kothu Roti

    S $5.00 L $7.50 Zoom
  • Tandoori Wrap

    Tandoori Wrap

    S $5.50 L $7.00 Zoom
  • Chicken Lentil Soup

    Chicken Lentil Soup

    S $4.00 L $6.00 Zoom
  • Curry Lamb Wrap

    Curry Lamb Wrap

    S $5.50 L $7.00 Zoom